Meaning behind the Real Madrid’s Club Crest

Real Madrid’s club crest is applied to numerous aspects, including on shirts, official documents, promotion materials and dozens of mass media platforms as a football club giant. I would like to introduce the meaning behind the logo and some changes in the logo.

Among many different editions logo, there are also several similarities on those logos. One similarity is the gold crown at the top of the club crest. In general, all Real Madrid’s logo take a same shape while in different colors in different editions. And the number of stones stuck to the luxurious crown is different sometimes. The other similarity lies in three letters consisted by unique patterns. The letter “F, C and M” can be a symbol of the football club giant. All letters on the logo are in yellow against a navy blue stripe in a northwest-to-southeast direction.

As shown in the above image, the Real Madrid logo is striking against the full black background while the base color of the logo is yellow. No matter rich or poor, can everyone enjoy spirits and matches of Real Madrid.

There are several variants of the present-day logo prior to adopt the yellow logo. At the very beginning, the newly created logo consists of three intricate letters “MCF”. These three letters are the abbreviation of “Madrid Club de Fútbol”. In spite of the elegance and concise of the design, the original logo is far from being a legible one.

In 1908, the football club introduced their second blue logo, which took the rudimentary shape of the present-day logo.

The major change has occurred in 1920 with the crown incorporated into the crown as a part of crest. The newly added crown in the club crest represented its status to a certain degree.