Different with the previous jerseys that were designed by designers of Adidas, the 2017-2018 jerseys of some clubs are designed by loyal football fans. These clubs include Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Associazione Calcio Milan, Juventus and CR Flamengo. Therefore, fans can show their creativity in the design of the new jersey, and support the club in this way at the same time if his design is selected as the club’s 2017-2018 jersey, which will be an extreme honor and luck.

Their designs will be voted by countless football fans, then the top 100 designs will be shown and the most professional and excellent footballers will select the only one as their jersey to be shown in games.

Real Madrid unveiled officially its 2017-2018 Third Football Shirt on July 21, 2017. The new shirt was designed by Jesus Serrano, a loyal fan of Real Madrid. “There is a chance provided by Adidas for us to design the third shirt for our favorite club. I give my design and it has been selected. It’s a great honor for me. I am very excited. In addition, Zinedine Zidane is one of football stars I admire, and I like him when I was very young. It’s a significant moment that I first show my design to Zidane.” said Jesus Serrano.

After seeing the new jersey, Zinedine Zidane said:“I like it very much, good job. Thanks a lot.”

The designer Jesus Serrano said:“My dream comes true eventually. I like designing and will collect it. It’s so special for me, as a fan, to design a shirt for Real Madrid. I will keep it in mind all the time.”

The blue 2017-2018 Real Madrid Third Football Shirt is short-sleeved and has a crewneck design with mosaic pattern combing two contrasting shades of teal. Adidas three stripes, symbolizing victory, are placed on shoulders. White logo of Adidas is printed on the chest. Real Madrid crest is adorned in a monochromatic design, ensuring it stands out in all its glory against the pixelated design, and the world famous crest allows you to show all those around you that your loyalty.

Manufactured from 100% polyester, the lightweight jersey will provide excellent comfort both on and off the pitch. Besides, the fabric produced by Adidas’ Climacool technology draws moisture away from skin and possesses the ventilation, thus players can keep dry and cool.

With bringing the fans’ heart onto the pitch this third jersey is a must for avid supporters! The stunning new Real Madrid third shirt is now on sale at Cheap Football Shirts Replica.

Real Madrid got several victories in its away games.

At the beginning of 2017-18 season, Real Madrid beat Barcelona in Camp Nou. The two strongest clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona have competed six times in the final of Supercopa de España. Real Madrid got five titles of Supercopa de España.

After that, Real Madrid beat Real Club Deportivo de La Coruna, Real Sociedad de Fútbol and Deportivo Alavés. It created a new record of 12 consecutive victories in La Liga away games.