Return of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid

Gareth Bale comes back to Real Madrid as its scrape, passing the third tier Fuenlabrada in Copa del Rey. Real Madrid won 4-2 finally and Bale’s cameo performance with few highlights at Santiago Bernabeu. Bale is an excellent professional football player, who have played for England national football team and Real Madrid club. For his outstanding football skills, the PE teacher has created strict rules for Bale. He was asked to net a goal without using his left foot.

When he was 16 years old, Bale became the second youngest player of Southampton second to Theo Walcott. For his exceptional gifts and individual efforts, Bale reached a four-year agreement with Tottenham Hotspur for initial £5 million. The transfer fee is probably rise to £10 million for outstanding performances and achievements obtained in matches. Attribute to their financial difficulties, Southampton club made an agreement on early settlement payment with Bale, with contract amount reducing to £7 million. The operation on knee leads him absent to pre-season matches for two months in June 2009.

For his speed, agility, dynamic energy and eminent, he is widely regarded one of the fastest football player in the world. At the very beginning of his professional football playing career, Bale was deployed as an offensive left-back or wing-back. The coach of Tottenham Hotspur decided to deployed him as a left-winger for his competitive edges in pace and speed. It is with the help of the manager, he grown into a versatile world-class with the football club. He is also a free-kick specialist for exceptional gifts in ball controlling.

The severe injury of Welsh international Bale is a bad news for Zinedine Zidane's team, which has to find a substitute for Bale. In Tottenham’s Premier League match against West Ham, Bale won the first and third goal for the club. The returning of Gareth Bale caught the attentions of loyal football fans by netting two goals after injury lay-off.

All Welsh footballers are connect to a move away from the Bernabeu recently after obvious weakening of the pecking order under Zinedine Zidane. As a record signing for Los Blancos in 2013, Bale netted his first goal for the club from September in Copa del Rey in a conflict with Fuenlebrada.

With the assistance of Borja Mayoral, the Real Madrid won the first goal. After a 15-minute break on bench, he overcame his problems on calf and thigh problems. The reserve team was in command as usual. I hope the old football club will create more surprises and break records in many aspects, writing new legendary belonging to themselves. It is better for all professional football players to avoid injuries and keep fit.

The forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup will be visual feast for all loyal football fans. More and more fixtures will be held as scheduled to illustrate more connotation in various ways, including many touching instants and classic scenes will also be recorded by cameras and close-circuit TV. Let’s wait for the exciting events patiently.