Real Madrid Shall be Awake

Hoping to net goals only depending on Ronaldo for Real Madrid is dangerous, the Real Madrid shall be alert for the situation.

Real Madrid lost the best opportunities to chase after Barcelona for 0-0 draw against Athletic Bilbao. Before coming out of this sequence, Barcelona leveled scores with 2-2 draw. There is an eight-score gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Silver River Battle Ship will bid a farewell to champion of the League in advance if there is any unexpected problems in fixtures of the team after 20 days.

In recent days, orge Alberto Francisco Valdano Castellanos says sharply that some over-confident football players of Real Madrid are always dream to win goals only depending on one single person’s strength.

One of the major problems rests on anxious. I perceived that many football players always hope to win matches only by oneself, comparing with the distraction on football fields. Isco is one of those players referred above, and you can find the back of him at any position on football fields. There is no doubt that he is an important football player for Real Madrid, but over-effort of him leads to tiredness nearing the end of matches.

At the same time, orge Alberto Francisco Valdano Castellanos also criticized Ronaldo for his inconsistent with K.Benzema, although he having spared no efforts to net goals.

The former famous footballer also says that Zidane over relied on the cast defended champion title in the last season. But there is few returns from the all-starred cast. In addition, long-term bad performances also lead to distrust in dressing room. The poor performances of Real Madrid in the season contributes to the flame of distrust, bring anxious to all people. Real Madrid shall be alert to the negative situation. In view of the cast of Real Madrid, The former famous footballer believes that a striker and a central defender are still needed to introduce. However, it’s very difficult to sign an excellent football player. David Luiz is not potential to join the football club, even though the fracture of relations with Antonio Conte. And Chelsea will not allow the excellent football player dropping out of the team.

In early days, the relationship between Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo is tense for too much reading into the remarks after loss to Tottenham Hotspur by media. But in recent interviews, Sergio Ramos indicates that he still regard Ronaldo as a good colleague and a good friend even though there are some differences in ideas.

There is not anything bad happened between us. We get well with each other while shelving our individual characters. “There may be some differences in certain aspects, but we are making efforts in the same direction.”

The attitudes of Sergio Ramos ease the concerns from football fans of Real Madrid slightly. After all, the falling-behind Real Madrid must unite as a group and march in a same direction to compensate for the negative situation and end up as a winner.

When it refers to the opening negative situation, Sergio Ramos also admitted that the present situation is worse than their exception. “A draw of Real Madrid will be seen as a crisis. So we have to keep calm and stay confident, realizing goals one by one.