Top officials of Real Madrid Intend to Introduce Competent Footballers in Winter
Transfer Market

Real Madrid have not introduced professional football players in two winter transfer market consecutively. It is probably that Tarantino may introduce footballers in transfer market this winter. The Real Madrid’s president and CEO has met and decided to buy new footballers in the event that Zidane asks to do so.

The organ of Real Madrid points out that the club has signed many football players in previous winter transfer market, but few of them have made great differences to the club, excluding Emmanuel Adebayo, Antonio Cassano and :Lucas Silva. The number of professional football players who have made great contributions to the extent that Marcelo and Gonzalo Higuaín having reached are even fewer, and rare as unicorns. Moreover, the introduction of Marcelo and Gonzalo Higuaín were not effective for Real Madrid instantly. The president and CEO discussed two hours on whether introduce new football players in transfer market in the winter. In the end, they reached an agreement on the problem – respecting the final decision of its coach Zidane.

Benitez’s performances was also bad in captainship in 2015-2016 season. The choice of the Real Madrid was sacking the Spanish captain, and promoted Zidane as the captain; at present, top officials support Zidane firmly and spare no efforts to introduce needed players for Zidane. They believes two major reasons for the dismal league outcome are frequent injuries and controversial establishment of their team.

But the online opinion poll reveals that 75% football fans take the idea to sign a forward. Real Madrid takes Mauro Icardi as a nominee while the team also adds Timo Werner into their cart. Nevertheless, purchasing Mauro Icardi is the most ideal choice. Inter Milan’s striker can fight for Real Madrid in knockout stage of European Champions League. But top officials of Inter Milan argues that they will not sell out Mauro Icardi, and have not received offer from Real Madrid up to now.

Besides, Real Madrid is also considering to sign Raymond Kopaszewski, guaranteeing security for Jesus Navas and Casilla in the position.

In recent days, a media has compared wages between NBA and football club giants. Although the highest transfer fee in football field has exceeded €200 million, there is a long distance to go before following the steps of average wages of NBA.

The failure in establishing Real Madrid’s team in summer leads to stumble process in the first-half season. The most efficient way to improve performances on football fields is to introduce footballers in transfer market. AS reveals that the football club may sign four contracts with shy-rise transfer fee, Raymond Kopa, Alexis Sanchez, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Stefan de Vrij.

Frequently injured Jesus Navas and gradually declining Casilla with age are two goalkeeper of the team. It’s difficult to sign two competent goalkeepers at the same time while Raymond Kopa, a goalkeeper of Athletic Bilbao.

Although with Ramos, Varane, Nacho and Barrejo in defense, Real Madrid still want to sign the Netherlandish player De Furry. Pepe performances well in last season while one-year contract forced the player dropping out of the team. It’s too late to regret now.