Ronaldo Offered Three Nominees on Winter Introducing While Leave No Words on The Striker

The badly needed players are strikers. Signing Sanchez may be the easiest case while Chilian still has not extended contract with Arsenal. In early days, Arsenal has considered to sell Alexis Sanchez out for a low cost if the signing has not been made in January. Real Madrid can introduce him at a low cost.

But the most exciting news is that Real Madrid may buy Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in winter transfer market. Alexis Sanchez can played UEFA Champions League while he is not fit for the position of a striker. But Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can take the position of lead striker in leagues after joining in the club, becoming the significant football player in Zidane’s rotation plan of footballers.

After the defeat over Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo has complained the weakened overall strength in public occasions. He believes that the departure of James Rodríguez, Alvaro Morata and Pepe leads to the substantial declining in overall strength of Real Madrid. In winter transfer period, Real Madrid intends to improve the overall strength by introduce new players. Daily Mail points out that Ronaldo has made his suggestions on introducing new palyers: Marquinhos, Raymond Kopa and Goncalo Guedes.

With central defender Sergio Ramos and Raphaël Varane, two substitutes Nacho Fernández and Jesús Vallejo Lázaro, Ronaldo hopes that the general manager can sign Marquinhos. But it is very difficult to poach an excellent football player from Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona has not poached Marquinhos for many years while Neymar has been poached.

For natural defects in height and insufficient ability of Kiko Casilla, Ronaldo suggests to introduce Kopa, the 23-year-old goalkeeper of Spain national football team. Marca indicates Real Madrid decided to purchase Kopa in their headline news.

The rising of Valencia Club de Fútbol is derived from the joining in of Goncalo Guedes directly. For this reason, Ronaldo hopes Real Madrid to purchase this footballer of Portugal national football team.

Given the status and age of Ronaldo, Real Madrid has to find a successor for Ronaldo. The CEO had thought Bale could take the position of Ronaldo, but the frequent injuries of Bale make this idea could not be realized to a great extent. At present, the team takes Neymar as the successor of Real Madrid. Daily Mail points out that the CEO intends to exchange Neymar with the money £221 million, which was taken to purge Bale, James Rodríguez, Karim Benzema and Raphaël Varane.

Real Madrid may could not purge surplus footballers at will while it is possible to introduce Neymar. In the recent time, Neymar was stuck into rumors involving in Real Madrid. The brokerage of Neymar was also asked the problem. The older Neymar has not denied the possibility of joining in Real Madrid, only revealing not considering away from Paris Saint-Germain in the recent years. And he cannot forecasted the future in five or six years. It’s easy to find that the Brazilian may become the new sought-after footballer of Real Madrid in future.