Real Madrid 3-2 Borussia Dortmund

Although Real Madrid entering into knockout stages of the Champions League, it is hopeful to come back to winning ways.

Cristiano Ronaldo turned to the first professional football player who has won goals in each Champions League group stage match when Real Madrid defeat Borussia Dortmund 3-2 at the Bernabeu. Winning the second place in Group H after Tottenham, the Real win scores by Borja Mayoral's first goal in the match, and obtained the second goal by Ronaldo after a short time. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hits both sides of half-time to level things up while Vazquez win another goal in the late time, defeating Dortmund with a strong hit. The Dortmund football club takes the third place in the group to win the qualification for the Europa League.

Hoping to Purchasing Frequently Injured Bale for €50 million by MANU

Bale’s performances in the season is poor for plunging numbers of goals and frequent injuries. In the recent two and a half months, Bale only played one match, and got injured again. But the Diario Sport reveals, “Machester United even dare to purchase a frequently injured football player for €50 million.

For getting injured in group stage of the Champions League, Bale was absent to three rounds matches of the Champions League, eight leagues and another important competition. It is embarrassing that, prior to return to play matches officially, his adductor got hurt when muscles on calf are going to recover. He appeared in the King's Cup last week as a substitute while Bale failed to play football matches in this week.

Up to now, Bale played football matches for 747 minutes in total, scoring three goals and assisting other footballers five times. Before getting injured in group stage matches of the Champions League, Bale was once the highest goalscorer for Real Madrid. Welsh winger only win two goals in the first four rounds, only to receive numerous voice of criticism from countless football fans; but it is unexpected that Ronaldo only win two goals in ten rounds leagues; even Benzema netted two goals in 14 rounds’ leagues hitherto.

However, loyal football fans have lost their confidence to the frequently injured Bale. The Chief Executive Officer of Real Madrid also consider to sell the winger out for a high price as much as possible. The Mirror reveals that José Mourinho consider to pay €50 million for Bale, in spite of his frequent injuries. It is enough for a frequently injured professional football player. The reason for such a high price by Manchester United is related to David de Gea. The Red Devil believes that the value of David de Gea is superior to Bale while the goalkeeper of Spain national football team is assessed as €56 million.

In the summer, Daniel Ceballos Fernández won the title of MVP, becoming the football player sought after by Real Madrid. In the end, he chose to join in Real Madrid as the successor of Luka Modric. But he becomes a person at corner, forgetting by Real Madrid gradually for lack of opportunities to play for the club.