Numbers of Goal by a Deserted Footballer Surmounting Goals’ Number of BBC in Total

Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema are three footballers purchased by the Chief Executive Officer of Real Madrid, and Alvaro Morata was tapped to humiliating Real Madrid for high-cost purchasing. Fabrizio Bocca argues that number of goals by single one striker of Chelsea exceeded the total that of Real Madrid BBC, proving the failure in exchange strategy of Real Madrid many times.

The transfer of Alvaro Morata created profits up to €80 million, but the number of goals plunged for the decision. Real Madrid BBC only netted four goals in matches of La Liga, one from Ronaldo and Benzema respectively and two from Bale. Real Madrid won 22 goals in La Liga matches, having not accounting for 20 % in total. Nevertheless, Alvaro Morata netted seven Premier League goals accounting for one third among total goals of Chelsea.

The efficiency of netting one goal for Real Madrid in 93 minutes on average by Alvaro Morata in last season is superior to combined goals of Real Madrid BBC; Ronaldo won one goal in 98 minutes for Real Madrid on average. At present, matches at Madrid will be held recently. But Alvaro Morata cannot played matches back to Bernab é u. Madrid’s media also reveals that it would be better for the absent of Bale.

After becoming a regular of Real Madrid, the Welsh winger participated in 15 matches of the Madrid Derby, ending with three wins, seven draws and five losses. The probability of win is only 20%; without participation of Bale, Real Madrid played five matches, probability up to 60%, ending with three wins and two losses. The two times higher probability of win of Real Madrid left Bale stuck in an embarrassing situation.

In 15 matches having been referred above, Bale only win the single one goal in a final of the 2013 -2014 season of European League.

Real Madrid would kill three birds with one stone if it sold out Bale and purchased Antoine Griezmann. In matches of the Madrid Derby, Antoine Griezmann has not netted even one goal. Football fans of Atletico Madrid heaved sighs for his bad performances on football fields sharply. The possibility to remain as a regular of Atletico Madrid becomes smaller and smaller, viewing from present situation.

In early days, a France media once pointed out that Antoine Griezmann has reached an agreement with Barcelona in general. Daily Mail argues that Real Madrid is also a part joining in the talents’ grasping fight. The biggest problem of Real Madrid lies in weak attacking ability in the season. Real Madrid also lost the super substitutes on bench after the departure of Alvaro Morata, James Rodríguez and Mariano Diaz Mejia.

From the view of Real Madrid, it would be a big triumph in improving attacking ability of the team, weakening strength of Atletico Madrid at the same time. The introducing plan of Barcelona team is also been affected. And the team is still be barricaded by the substitutes of Neymar.