Iker Casillas

ker Casillas, born in Móstoles, Spain on May 20, 1981, is a professional football player who have played for Spain national football team and Real Madrid club. For his precocious performances and exceptional skills, he is widely regarded as a greatest goalkeeper of all time by all pundits, former and current goalkeeping colleague. By the advantages of agility, reflexes, consistency, shot-stopping, foot-work, positioning, concentration and speed, he won numerous accolades and honors, and was regarded as a spectacular and athletic keeper. In addition to above referred characteristics, he is also outstanding for his penalty-saving ability, strong personality, calm, composure in emergency situation throughout his career.

In his whole playing career, he has been spoke highly for his longevity and consistency, and also has been criticized for his handling and indecisiveness for series of errors. And in his later playing career, the advantages of mobility and agility has been offset with his age.

Early Life

Iker Casillas’s father is a common civil servant, and his mother is a common barber. He also has a young brother growing with him. When he was nine years old, he participated in tests of Real Madrid and became an outstanding person among thousands of people having participated in tests. But, unfortunately, the Real Madrid was defeated in the first match with Iker Casillas. Then, he was took place by another footballer for poor performances on the football field. Nevertheless, the debut of football playing was not a reason disappointing him, but a reason for his unremitting efforts.

Club Career

He joined in Real Madrid as a goalkeeper when he was young. He earned his first call up in 1990-91 season, aged 16. In September 1999, he turned to be the youngest excellent goalkeeper in the history of UEFA Champions League at that time. This record has been broken until 2017 by Mile Svilar. Although he is an excellent professional football player, there are risings and declines in his playing career. Casillas was taken his place for poor performances in 2001-02 season by César Sánchez, being a backup for him; however, he took the position once again for injuries of Sánchez in final minutes of the 2002 Champions League Final. For the joining in of him, several important saves and pulling off had been made by the prepared man. Real Madrid won the game 2-1.

For departure of the former captains Raúl and Guti, he was appointed as the captain, with three other vice-captains Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and Gonzalo Higuaín. Due to unremitting efforts and agility on football fields, he achievement great achievements in many matches, winning the award of the IFFHS Best Goalkeeper. Since then, he became the second excellent goalkeeper having won the award after Gianluigi Buffon. In 2012, he grasp the excellent opportunity as a captain of Real Madrid, winning the fifth La Liga title with a 3-0 victory in Bilbao. The winning of the fifth IFFHS Best Goalkeeper Award made him the only goalkeeper winning the award five times consecutively in the history.